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How to get more number of page visits on Blog and increase adsense income?

To get more number of page visit & increase ad-sense income below steps are useful

How to earn more through Adsense?


1) Visit other blogs after logging in your blog. Use "Next" button available on your blog on top left corner for this
2) Keep formatting as low as possible while posting blogs.
3) Putting pictures on blog helps. It gets more click bcos there are 2 types of search makers. One by text & other by google image search i.e. they type text in google image search. At that time only that blog which has image gets visible in image search results.
4) Try to use Google search button installed on your blog rather than directly using Google search page -for your searches
5) Insurance related posts do have a high RPM. Commercial stuff has high RPM. But food & other related posts have low RPM.

6) More number of clicks are observed for persons searching funny stuff on the internet.
7) Search makers do not click on ads. However square ads do result to more clicks as compared to other ads on blog. eg. 300 x 250 dimensional ads gets more clicks by viewers.
8) Keep posting regularly rather than posting all at once.
9) The more the posts, the more the visitors and hence the more the income. Posting more helps. If you have 500 posts and $1 income then in 5000 posts the $1 is sure to increase as it gets more no. of visitors any how.
10) Posts should be useful & not irritating or misguiding to avoid cancellation by Google.

11) NEVER give weblinks

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