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In which place does Goddess Laxmi resides always?

Laxmi Images - An image of Goddess Laxmi - the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity

Photo Source - By VedSutra ( [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Goddess Laxmi says -

A place where
  1. Guests are welcomed (with respect and politeness)
  2. Guests are given food
  3. Service is given to good people
  4. Lord Vishnu is worshipped with feelings
  5. Religious and righteous activities are done ie Dharmik activities
  6. Truth is observed
  7. Wrong acts are not done
  8. Cows are protected
  9. Grains are accumulated for donation
  10. Quarrels don't take place ( ie people believe in controlling anger rather than projecting)
  11. Wife is satisfied (non greedy) and courteous

At such places I always reside
Other than this places , I look on other places only sometimes.

So if one wants to be wealthy always he should follow above  rules

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