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Social Message by an Indian Citizen

Source - Whats App message

A very humble request to all. Send this message at least to five persons and ask them to further send to five persons and keep the chain going.
1. Don't throw garbage on the roads/streets.
2. Don't spit on roads and walls.
3. Don't write on walls and currency notes.
4. Don't abuse and insult others.
5. Save water and electricity.
6. Plant a tree.
7. Follow traffic rules.
8. Take care of your parents n grand parents, take their blessings & always respect them.
9. Respect women.
10. Give way to ambulance.

We got to change ourselves and not the country. Once we change ourselves the country will automatically change.

If we want our kids to live in a clean and safe environment then pledge to follow these in your everyday life. 

Whether it's Modi or Gandhi or Kejriwal no person or leader can change the country alone.

Indian Citizen.
share and care

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