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Owners info on Android mobile

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*Do this in your mobile immediately....*
One motorist met with an accident. He was unconscious. 
One cab driver stopped the cab and called ambulance and police.
He took the mobile of that guy to call the family members of that guy.

Luckily that guy hadn't locked his mobile. But what if the mobile was locked(which we usually are habituated to keep) how would have he reached the family members of that guy.
There is a solution to this problem.
Most of us use android phones,  we have something called owner's info which will scroll on the locked screen.
You don't need to enter any password to view the owner's info.
This will be continuously scrolling on the screen.

Go to settings ->security-> lock screen-> owner's info.
Enter your details like your name and emergency contact number to whom one can inform about you. 
Even add your blood group. Tick option to show owner's info on screen. 
This will take just 2 minutes to implement. It will be helpful.

Please forward this to your groups. This will save someone's life one day.
A good message to share. It really works

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