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Which is the Full proof Z Security for an individual & society?

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PHOTO SOURCE - By U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos (140115-A-XP635-019) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

न राज्यं न च राजाऽऽसीत् 
न दण्डयो न च दाणिडकः ।
धर्मेणैव प्रजास्सर्वा 
रक्ष्न्ति स्म परस्परम् ॥ 

There is no kingdom nor any king! 

No criminal nor any judge to give the penalty to the criminal!! 

All the people protect each other by the virtue of Dharma. (Goodness & Righteousness & Duty)

This is a 'varnan' of an 'Aadarsha' samaj (Ideal Society) !! 

A samaj(society) which is a 'live' samaj in which each and every individual lives completely up to his responsibility!! 

Only a samaj(society) which will be made up of such 'ideal' individuals can 'realise' the above subhaashita!!

One example is worth mentioning. 
If the number of social service organisations such as orphanages, child care centres etc. keep growing then is it a healthy sign of progress of society or not?? Infact such institutions will come up because the relatives or neighbours may have failed to do their Dharma!!

This is told by Bhishmacharya to Yudhisthir in Shantiparva (after mahabharat war) when he was lying on "sharapanjari" waiting for bed. Bhishmacharya is advising dharmaraja about how good his rule should be. 

There is NO SECURITY like Dharma. Hence instead of making your child - a doctor, an engineer, a clerk etc. it is necessary that he realises what is Dharma. And by teaching Dharma in school can a ideal society be developed where women are safe, children are safe, terrorists are not created etc. Today we have doctors doing crime of organ transplations, infedilty etc. How horrible. Engineers mixing sand in cement due to which bridge falls taking dozens & dozens of life. How horrible!What education we are giving?!! We have MBAs which is  bent on earning money in any way may it be selling Tea. And the MBA Outcomes later don't hesitate in kidnapping child of their rich neighbours. So is  our UNIVERSITY going the right direction. Girls are not safe. Women are not safe. Cows are not safe. This is a horrible scene. UNIVERSITIES should awaken & introduce the right education. The wrong education is just giving tears to their parents who fall a victim to crime  which is a result of ADHARMA.

On biological level, Dharma will control hormonal flows as it teaches about fasting.
On psychological level, Dharma will control anger, lust, greed, attachment, jealousy & arrogance as it teaches about MIND CONTROL & Meditation & unifying with God & God's personality
On intellectual level, Dharma will explain the futility of earning wealth or profits by wrong means because we are to go empty handed. And the masses will develop the intelligence to understand about spirituality & afterlife thereby nullifying the crime which a person may do for GAIN.
On spiritual level, a person will see God everywhere. Will realise every creation is HIS. So will respect every creation of God.

Yes, This Dharma is the only Education which is Z Security for an individual and a Society. Rest securities are meaningless. Arya Society always opted & gave prime importance to Dharma. So should every other civilisations do in their own interest.

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