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4 ways mobile phone can take your life

1.) Lightning
      Recently a couple went on a hill to see fort. It was a cloudy day. The man got a call. He lifted the call.

Suddenly lightning striked in sky. It came in direction of phone (may be due to some attraction).

The man died on spot. Remaining 2 persons near him became unconscious. This came on Whats App.

Conclusion - Although it might not had been proved scientically, still if lightnings are occurring in sky, it is advisable to avoid phone calls.

2.) Attending calls when at petrol pump
      Not yet exactly known, but still warnings of not lifting phone while filling petrol is given at almost all petrol filling stations.

Conclusion - Don't talk on phone or receive call while filling petrol at petrol stations

3.) Putting on headphone while mobile is still charging

      In one whats app social news, a girl's face was shown burnt.

She was wearing headphone and listening to song. Also the mobile was charging simultaneously.

She was found dead in morning. Police gave root cause that current from mobile passed through headphone into girls face burning her face and killing on spot.

Recently a national news channel sponsored a news where a 23 year old guy was working on laptop when it was simultaneously getting charged. As per his wife he got electric current and died on spot.

This example of laptop supports example of mobile phone.

Laptop news source - National news channel
Mobile news source - Whats App social app

Conclusion - Avoid using phone when it is getting charged.

4.) Taking photographs at railway station
      This came on Whats app. A person was taking photographs of his group at railway station.

At same time high voltage electric current was passing through wires for Railways. It is believed that electric current of very high voltage passed through the flash of the Camera which fell on the wire while taking photographs.

The person taking photographs was found burnt on spot.

Conclusion - Very high voltage currents may descend or climb down through camera flash into the Camera we are holding. Although yet not scientifically proved, better to avoid taking photographs near very high voltage wired. Why take a chance?

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