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Chanakya and Chandragupta (About Fate)


Scene - Chandragupta taking decision to uproot Greeks and Alexander but knows that the effort will be a hard nut to crack. Hence he takes advise of his Guru Chanakya.

Chandragupta - Guruji, if everything is written in fate and also all things happens accordingly, then why should we make trials or efforts like a foolish person. Is the fatalist not wise, who remains dependent on Fate.

Chanakya - I agree, what is written in fate happens. No one can change it. But who knows, it must be written in fate that "If you try, you will get, otherwise not". So better to try.

Years later the dream of Alexander to conquer India looked failed. He could not even penetrate the North belt of India. And this dream got worned by a simple Shepherd boy of India called Chandragupta. 

He became the empire of India nearly twice the size of present India. This was not the power of money, it was the power of knowledge which Chanakya had.

If you make tireless efforts, no matter how big your aim is, you will get it. This was the knowledge Chanakya possessed.
At the condition that your aim should be the good of mankind. Eg. Lord Krishna let millions die in Mahabharata but He bad one good aim, that the  Adharmis should perish and justice should get shelter for protection of the weak.

It was because of this duo, that the foreign invasion on India was pushed back by centuries. 

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