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E-Mandi by Mr. Narendra Modi for Farmers

Ecologically grown vegetables

By Elina Mark (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Idea shared by Mr. Modi wrt E-Mandi
Reference - Interview by Mr. Modi to Mr. Arnab

Mr. Modi : - 

"First time we have brought in E-Mandi concept. 

Farmer in the village, 
can sell the crops to 
the best markets in the country 
through his mobile phone. 

Farmer would set the price 
at which the crop would be sold. 

Earlier, farmers used to take the produce 
on carts or tractors, 
used to go to a mandi 20-25kms away, 
then due to storage issues, 
even if they had to sell for 
Rs 10 less than the price, 
they used to sell it. 

Now, sitting at home the farmer would know 
what price to sell the crops at. "

Application available at link given below : -

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