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Ergonomics findings ( Air mattress vs other mattress)

When tiredness mounts us
Sleeping gets rid of tiredness.

To remove tiredness we require

1.) Around 8-10 hours of sleep on very thin mattress kept on floor
2.) Around 7-8 hours sleep on cotton thick  mattress
3.) Around 6 hours sleep on New very soft cotton mattress which is again thick
4.) Around 3-4 hours of sleep on Air mattress

Air mattress is best remedy on disorders like Carpel tunnel syndrome. Carpel tunnel syndrome means finger pain. Also due to high BP when we sleep, our nerves supresses against matress leading to tinkling of nerves, numbness etc.

Now if root cause is suppression of nerves while sleeping then air mattress can be a bliss on such nervous disorders.

Air mattress exactly fits or makes shape in accordance with our body structure. So there is nearly Nil supression. For aged people this is really a bliss as their body pain can subside by this. In sleep our body is in alignment with horizontal floor so all sorts of body pain emerges due to weak ergonomics.

Also for those working late hours and getting sleep, air mattress is useful as they can get up easily as tiredness is lost quickly on air mattress. ( may be perhaps because our nerves are not suppressed with the matress so we or our body gets relaxed soon.) Also our body is in alignment of our body and not with the alignment of floor. This also may be the reason of no joint pain or back pain felt in morning after taking a sleep on air mattress.

For aged people, air mattress is a must to my view to get rid of all sorts of body pains and nervous disorders.

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