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How to check which of your Chakras are weakest?

Take The 3-Minute Chakra Healing Test

Identify which of your Chakras are weakest

Test by Carol Tuttle 

Carol Tuttle on Google+

Reference - Weblink - Carol Tuttle

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Anonymous said...


1) After bathing, your aura around your body is regulated and uniform
2) Hence even if you meditate for 15 minutes after bath, that meditation will give you the power for coming 4-5 hours.
3) Your topic penetrating ability will be higher. You will shine bright.
4) Stress is always present on face. But is invisible even to us. On meditating for 5-10 minutes, we gradually realise the frown waves on our face. After realising, if we meditate for few minutes more, then in 7-8 minutes, you will develop an ability to control this frown waves or frown muscles that you have realised on your face. You will be able to make a STRESS FREE Face.
5) This stress waves are present full day on our face for full life time, probably. But we realise this only when meditate. And then only we can control it.
6) Other methods like smiling, laughing might be able to deviate the development of this frown muscles or frown waves developing invisbly on our face, without our knowledge.
7) If point in forehead can be captured, supernatural things like winning gravity might be possible. This is known as Vihangam Yoga.
8) Blood pressure regularisation is also possible through this method. If this happens, we can sit for hours, and our legs won't feel the itch or pressure.
9) When some saint like Maharshi or someone did Yoga campaigns in USA, it was in news that Crime rate had decreased during those days. There was a hue & cry over this and critics came out in full swing.
10) Ask a driver. If a person sitting besides him sleeps, he slaps him. This is because of extensive driving, he reaches a stage, where he can feel the vibes of surrounding person. Pyschic field of surrounding person affects him. Same is with Yoga person. If you are in intense peace pose, peace vibes from your soul are bound to affect those in geographical surrounding with you or those who are connected with you in your psychic field. Hence doing Yoga is a bliss extended by you for the whole universe.
11) It is said Gir cows are not horny. They have horns but they never hit someone. There is a saying prevalent that due to penance done by Saints/Rishis etc. in Gir forest, this cows have gone so non-violent.
12) To add to fuel, National Geographic channel showed a documentary on TV. In that local public is as near as 10-20 feet from wild tigers. They are weaponless and stickless. Neither Tiger is bothered. Nor public is panicked. They showed a 2-wheeler bike stopping on road in front of wild tiger and the wild tiger smelled the tyre and went away!! So even civilians are not harmed by tigers in Gir forest surroundings & areas. So Yoga helps and affects pyschic field of surrounding is undoubtedly true. This is the reason we feel peace and a different feeling when we worship place of pilgrimage.

Risk factors
1) Some people say that Buddha got back pain due to extensive meditative pose. Need to verify. Scientifically may be true. But looking to Dynamo, Kris Angel, David Copperfiled, David Blaine etc. it is clear, what books tells us about Siddhis or supernatural abilities of Buddha is true. So worth a risk. At least we will get peace.