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How to disable right click protected websites and copy content?

In Chrome
Right click on upper right corner on Settings
In settings go to Content
If cannot go from settings to content then type path in browser as below
You will reach content
A tab will come named as Setting or Content Setting
In that settings, scroll down and go to Java
In Java there will be 2 options
1)      Allow to run Javascript
2)      Do not allow to run Javascript
Click on do not allow to run Javascript
Save & Close or directly click close button
Now open again that webpage which is right click protected
Try to copy
It will get copied

Note : - Copying is not allowed for website contents. If at all some part used, credit needs to be given. When someone has enabled Javascript that means they do not want you to copy their content and hence should not be copied. If at all few lines copied then credit needs to be given so that they get the traffic they deserve and readers get the advantage of reading & enhancing your knowledge

Also note, once you copy the required information, it is advisable to again  - Click on "Allow to run Javascript".
Otherwise you will get pages but the download button won't appear if you want to download something from some website. So to click on "DO NOT ALLOW TO RUN JAVASCRIPT" should be activated but only for  a limited period. Otherwise internet pages will appear half & not full. Means buttons like download, ads & lot of other tabs won't appear which will make internet surfing less interesting.

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