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Mr Prime Minister, what motivates you the most?


By Bharat N Khokhani (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or FAL], via Wikimedia Commons

SOURCE - Mr. Narendra Modi Interview

"Firstly, I don't live under the burden of worries. 

Problems and challenges are there, you can't deny that. 
But you must challenge the challenges and 
not let the challenges turn into worries. 
This is my principle. 

I challenge the challenges. 
I like to face the problems. 
I don't run away from them. 

Whatever loss I have to face for it, 
I face it. 
But I can't leave the country helpless. 
This responsibility must be taken and 
I will continue to do so. 

For all good and bad things, 
it is my responsibility. 
I do not regret anything. 

I believe, people of the country 
have given me the responsibility 
and I must fulfill it. 

Thirdly, when I see the poor in our country, 
it reminds me of the work 
that I have to do for them. 

Day before yesterday, I was in Pune, and met a Shrimaan Chandrakant ji. 
A retired teacher with a pension of Rs 16000, donates Rs 5000 every month for Swachh Abhiyaan. 

If a 70 year old retired teacher with children and family at home, 
without worrying about them, worries about the country, 
then being the Prime Minister, 
I should work a thousand times more than Chandrakant ji. 
This is my inspiration. 

People of this country who work day and night, 
they are my inspiration. 
I look at them and 
I work even harder. "

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