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What does NOSTALGIC mean?

Nostalgic - Dictionary meaning as per Oxford & other rational society universities

- feeling homesick, wants to be back at home with family

- a longing for long gone moments

- a strong yearning for the happy moments of past or some irrecoverable condition

As per spiritual Psychology - something like the memories of subconscious lightens up and soul grabs the light as it feels life there. Later mind dominates intelligence and drags the soul to focus on those memories. Souls always yearn for happiness, for life, for light of life

As per spiritual Psychology (love factor) - two souls in 2 parts of the world, or may be other world connects through a thought. The light felt by soul in those Sub-conscious memory is the soul light of the other soul connected or focussed on that thought. This is the principle of telepathy

As per spiritual Psychology (soul energy) When we are happy, we light up. Our soul energies drop in the surrounding areas. This is called expansion of presence (all presence). When we again see the place in thought or real, these dropped energies lighten up, attracting us, hence the memories. Soul needs light of happiness for life and avoids darkness. Hence the attempt of the subconscious.

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