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Bangalore address for sending printed ITR ie Income tax return form

Take a printout of the form ITR-V
And sign it in blue ink

Send the form by ordinary or speed post to the

Income-Tax Department-CPC ,
Post Bag No. 1 ,
Electronic City Post Office,
Bangalore, 560 100,
within 120 days of filing your returns online.

1.) Fill ITRv form online
2.) Your PAN no. is your user I'd
3.) Once all details filled, take print
4.) Sign it with blue pen
5.) Then courier it at Bangalore address

Toughest part while doing IT returns
There is no escape from courier. Hard formalities are still required by IT dept. There is no method by which only soft data is filled and formalities gets over. May be, someday "Digital India" looks into this and we payers get free from this burden.

In your daily rush hour, you have to take leave and complete this courier thing otherwise you may be penalised. Quite irritating. Neither government sponsors agents who can help us do this formalities. We have to find such agents and get this closed.

If I am not wrong then it is something like your amount gets deducted first, directly from the company, then you are supposed to tell them that you have paid, and if you fail to tell them, then you are penalised, not for not paying tax but for not telling them that you have not paid tax! This is what I have understood so far as a tax payer.

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