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How to show your LIVE location to family members when on Tour?

Can we show our live location to our friends and family members just as in case of Redbus we can track live location of Bus?

Just as we track Red bus and we come to know where it is.
That way it is possible to show our constantly changing LIVE location
to our family members
when we are travelling in bus or car and are out of city.

App is available at below link

Install the App in your Android mobile
Send invitation to your family members
They will get SMS on their Mobile number
If they also download this app, they will be able to get your live and constantly changing location when you are on short or long tours.
Options for auto-sms when you reach home or destination is also available.

In olden times for tracking children chips were inserted by some rich class people but now with this app, almost everyone can gain access to our family members locations.

Internet i.e. E-data required

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