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Message by Mr. Prabhakar wrt Pokemon game

Message Source - Whats app
Type of message - Social message
Verification - Not verified. 
1) As per few people it is a hoax message with no truth in it. 
2) However reversely, it was in news recently that Russia has banned Pokemon game as they think it is a spy tool by CIA. However many of the Russian people do not think so.

Message is as below : - 

Dear friends.
Kindly forward this message send by Col. Prabhakar Chitale, to your near and dear ones. Also to different WhatsApp and facebook groups.

Damodar Gurujee Pratishthan, Pune.

Pokemon is not a laughing issue, it is a serious threat - not only to the individual who is playing that but also to the security system of our Country.

These kids are using the camera of their cellphones and picturising the surrounding landmarks. All these data is gathered in a gigantic server in Singapore and there are about 1800 people per shift monitoring that data round the clock. Thus they can see the land, roads, buildings, offices, residences, transport facilities, shops, malls (and many other things) without incurring any risk.
In short, by playing this game, you are sending the sensitive data to your enemy. Looking and managing this data, the enemy can easily formulate the mode and style of terrorist attack and device the escape routes too.

Do you remember - when Mumbai was attacked on 26/11, our xxx media was transmitting the live coverage of our commandos who were planning the attack and the bloody Pak attackers were getting the info about our soldiers and their planning.

I've spent 36 years in this field and I can sense danger just like  snap of a finger.

It would worry you if I tell you the name of the company in SG and the nationalities of the people working there.?

So please be careful.
It's our Country .
Col. Prabhakar Chitale
Forwarded as received

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We have never had a Colonel named Prabhakar Chitale.

Yes Col. Jayant Chitale was the president of Maharashtra Military Foundation but he's retired now.

I'm sure he wouldn't be sending WhatsApp messages.

I request all of you to be sensible and not fall prey to such rubbish.