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Quote by Sai Baba ( Law of Attraction or Theory of Relativity)

Shirdi Sai Baba

By Photographer in Shirdi, India ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


"Unless there is some relationship or connection, 
  Nobody goes anywhere. 
  If any men or creatures come to you, 
  do not discourteously drive them away, 
  but receive them well and treat them with due respect. 
  Shri Hari (God) will certainly be pleased if you give 

  1. water to the thirsty, 
  2. bread to the hungry, 
  3. clothes to the naked, and 
  4. your verandah to strangers for sitting and resting. 
If anybody wants any money from you and you are not inclined to give, 
do not give, 
but do not bark at him like a dog."

This quote indirectly suggests that Law of Attraction or Desire force (Both conscious & subsconscious) works. It also says that everything is related. Without a reason, an act does not happen. 

Lord Krishna says in SrimadBhagvat 
"First an incident or any thing happens in Vaikalpik(Pyschic) world, then it is reflected in this Vyavharik (Real) world"


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