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What is the Length Formula in excel and how is it useful?

Length of a text in Excel is calculated  by the formula
LEN (A1)
where A1 is the cell which contains text

Eg. Cell A1 Contains word (DIARY) then if we put the formula in say cell A2 as =LEN(A1) then we get the answer as 5

If cell contains word DISPLAY
Then LEN(A1) = 6 because there are 6 letters in cell A1

Utility i.e. How it is useful?
When there are thousands of values in one column starting as

And if there is typing mistake in 3rd cell as 20151 instead of 2015 then it is too time consuming to track out such errors. (when there are thousands of values beneath each other in column)

Instead give Length formula against each cell. Then we will get LEN(excel cell)=4 for all correct values and length as 5 or 3 for all values where typing error has occured.

Thus Length formula helps us to find typing errors very easily and saves our time.

So if we have A1, A2 & A3 Cell containing below values
NGP-2001 = Len(A1) = 8
NGP-2007 = Len(A2) = 8
NGP-20151 = Len(A3) = 9 (Here 9 instead of 8 means we can easily identify some typing error)

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