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Bath timings of Gods,humans, demons & ghosts

Source - Whats App message
Message in Marathi translated in English here.
Some knowledgeable Pandit has given his valuable inputs here.
One can experiment and if useful can develop this durations as daily habit
Might change someone's life towards positivity from negativity.

Om Asato Ma Sadgamaya
Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya

O God, 
Take me from darkness to light, 
From ignorance to darkness

Bath Timings of Gods, Humans, Ghosts & demons

4 AM to 6 AM - Bathing time of Heavenly Gods
This is the Bathing time called Brahm Muhurta
In Brahm Muhurta it is believed that a micro rain of Amrita happens

6 AM to 8 AM - Bathing time of Humans

8 AM to 10 AM - Bathing time of Demons

10 AM to 12 Noon - Bathing time of Ghosts
Bathing after 12 Noon - Means it is like decay of body

4 AM to 6 AM
A person remains away from diseases if he baths in Brahm Muhurta
Body & Mind is purified.
Negative thoughts cannot mount our command giving section easily.
Laziness does not appear & a person remains enthusiastic.
Positive energy  arises by doing worship in Brahm Muhurta

6 AM to 8 AM 
If a person worships in between 6 AM to 8 AM, even a sinner behaves like a good man. Less anger vibes gets produced in him or her. He remains enthusiastic. But not so much as compared to a man who takes bath in Brahm Muhurta. Because of chanting mantras godly powers or goodness arises but not so much as compared to a person who does worship in Brahm Muhurta.

8 AM to 10 AM
8 AM to 10 AM is the time belt of demons. A person who baths in this duration gets more ego & more anger vibes in his mind. He gets less good powers or godly powers or positive energies. His body is not cleansed so diseases grab such a person. Weakness, BP, Diabetes can grab such a person. He gets no enthusiasm in work. He is continously lazy and gets irritated now & then.

10 AM to 12 AM
10 AM to 12 AM is the time belt of ghost bathing. They are lazy towards work. Like to continously sleep. Their body is not cleansed. Gets acidity, loses hairs, fats grows, gets more diseases. Does not like to work because has no enthusiasm vibes produced in their mind. He becomes angry to such levels that anger masters him & he is no more a master of the anger. 

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