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Can a tiger be made vegetarian if given grass from birth?

Wat Phra Luang Ta Bua

PHOTO SOURCE - By en:User:MichaelJanich ( [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


I was watching National Geographic channel. They were showing a documentary film about Gir jungles.

In first scene, I saw a biker going through road. And all of a sudden, a tiger comes in front of his bike. The tiger is slightly shocked, to see bike with speed, suddenly stopping near it. Then the tiger smells the rubber tire of bike and goes away. STUNNING!

Camera is recording this and the biker is somewhat giggling!! Saying what a relief! But why was he not panicked? Why did not he ran away? Why was he not shocked extremely?!

May be, now they showed 2nd event. In it 4-5 tigers are playing and 4 local people, without any weapon or stick, comes there, just 20 feets away. They saw the tigers. Tigers saw them. They sat there fearlessly and tigers sat there seemingly not bothered! They passed full night but tigers did not harmed them!!

When villagers were asked, they said the tigers don't harm humans!!!

Now, I remembered the myth about Gir Cows. Gir Cows have strong horns but they are renowned for their non violence. They never beat a human! People say that Gir mountains consists of divine saints doing penance since centuries. Because of penance, their ageing stops. They are naked and very rarely seen. To see them, is believed to be a very good omen. They say, that it is the impact of the penance powers of those Yogis that the cows have gone non violent.

Now, I really wonder, is the penance power, the factor that has made this tigers so unbothered about humans? May be, whatever.


In news,  a Clip captured by CCTV was shown. In one village of Gir, 4 tigers were spotted at night running after a cow. They ate the cow. A donkey was however saved, but was bleeding. "There was a wave of terror in villagers" said the news channel.

Obviously, when tigers don't attack upto decades and all of a sudden breaks trust, who is not to get horrified. Today cow, so tomorrow humans? This thought must be terrifying them.


One of the TV viewers watching this news, expressed pity and said, "Can tigers not eat vegetables?"
O!!!What a question? Funny?!! Isn't it?

Other viewer said, " How can tigers live without flesh? They cannot survive. It is impossible."  I thought, now is the internet age. What's the harm in searching. So I searched on Google with the phrase VEGETARIAN TIGERS.

And lo!!! They exist!!! There are vegetarian tigers!!! That do not eat flesh!!! The Buddhist temple of Burma or Thailand, now I don't remember, but they train the tigers from childhood to eat only vegetarian food. The tiger's bones are seen. It is not fleshy.

Some modern people argued. These tigers live only half the age of non veg tigers. When God gave them carnivorous teeth, why should you change the pattern?

But the Buddhist monks replied, "No the tiger's soul is getting purified. We are giving them a chance to go to heaven or upgraded species in the afterlife." So! Good then, what else.

But one man argued, "They should be given flesh" , this was a comment on the web page. So the question is,  who are right? The Buddhist monks or the person saying they should be given flesh.
I believe, if the person can give his own son or some loving member or loving dog of his as food to the tiger, then his feelings for tiger is understood. But obviously, he will not be ready.

Because he very well knows that the tiger will some day eat some villager. And he will not be that villager! Neither will his son be! Hence the feeling. Hence we can say that this is one sided and selfish sympathy shown. However, if he can give his loved one, may be his dog as food to the tiger then he can be considered an honest man. And we can think of taking his side.

Otherwise I think the Buddhist monks are more near to God. And are right.And they should be allowed to do what they are doing.

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