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Dream meaning - buffalo

A buffalo in anger searching rooms

1) Can be a strong leader looking for job and annoyed internally because not getting positive response anywhere
2) If you see such a buffalo searching and coming in your direction ,means that annoyed strong leader is likely to approach you, may be, in search of job

Dream type -
Buffalo means a strong leader but again suppressed anger waves is negative. Not certain to say if it is good sign (Deja Vu) sign by Nature. The fear or worth avoiding vibe growing in us might be because of the aggressiveness possessed by that soul in searching his job or aim. So if someone is in need of agressive leader, positively this person who represents the buffalo in dream and part of your circle or likely to come to you, may fit in.

Positive, Negative or Neutral
Uncertain to say positive, negative or neutral. Spiritual laws says if desire is not satisfied, anger arises. Hence if your time is not good, believe that delaying is denying. Flat refusal may puncture anger. Be polite, to the ground and this too shall pass. Consider this as a sign of Nature for you to remain very polite, and with a helpful attitude, if possible. Subhashita says, a wise person should not tell the vices of the person before him or her. Never try to do this otherwise the anger cloud gathered therein may burst upon you as such a person is already in pressure of needs, demands and embarrassment. Show a helpful, good and polite attitude, to nullify the negative impact of this dream, if any.

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