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Google Calculator vs Microsoft Calculator vs Mobile Calculator

The Calculator industry has come to a stand still.
Nowadays hard calculators are hardly required

Because 3 soft versions of calculator are easily available and are on hand

First One - Microsoft Calculator
Go to Start
Go to Programs or All Programs
In it,
Go to Accessories
In Accessories, we will find Calculator
Click on it.
Calculator will be avaible on Computer or Laptop Screen.
This is Offline Calculator.
Internet connection is not required.

Second One - Mobile Calculator
This one is more handy.
It is available in almost all mobile handsets.
As it remains in hand, it is very useful compared to Calculator available on Computer screen.
This is also offline.
No internet connection is required here.

Third One - Google Calculator
Very less people knows about this.
This is available but not offline.
Click on Google search page.
Type "Calculator"
The Google Calculator will appear on the search page.

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