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How many works can a Mobile do nowadays?

Works a Mobile can do nowadays

Bluebell on the phone

Photo Source - By Josh Semans from Near Preston, UK (Bluebell on the phone) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1) Calculator
     Hard calculator not required nowadays

2) Air Ticket Booking, Railway ticket booking & Bus ticket booking
    Apps like Make My trip, IRCTC & Red bus on Mobile available
    Ticket agents not required

3) Alarm Clocks
    Alarm clocks are nowadays not required as were during olden days
    Alarm clock in mobile serves the purpose

4) Landline Phones
    Mobile phones serves the purpose of calling & is more handy
    Companies like BSNL having landline phones are nearly shrinking as people are not taking landline phones which were necessity in old times. Also landline models of phones have decreased in production.

5) Luxometer Electrical Engineer
    Luxometer electrical engineer not required. Download the Luxometer app from Google play. You will be able to check brightness of your room and office directly from your mobile and judge whether you need more light or not

6) Torch
     Torches not required nowadays.
     Mobile serves the purpose of Torch

7) Mirror
    Some people use to carry mirror for make up.
    Nowadays same not required. Take a selfie or On the Camera & see your face.

8) Microsoft Calendar in Computer
    Now Google Calendar can do all that Microsoft Calendar in Computer could do

9) Call recorder
    This was a royalty. Less people could do this.
     Now almost all calls can get recorded by Apps like 'Call Recorder' available on Google Playstore

10) Phone Diary
      Now Mobile phone does this what in olden times we used to do in a diary.

11) Going for Shopping
      Apps like Flipkart, Snapdeal & Amazon is making it possible to shop directly from home.

12) Chip insertion in body to find where you are located
       Very rich people used to insert chip in their offsprings with a fear that if someday someone might kidnap them, they will be able to trace them out easily by that chip.
       However now Apps like FRIEND LOCATOR makes us possible to online track the position of our friend or relative directly on Google maps and makes us easy for tracing out each other. Or giving lift in case we are going through same route as theirs.

13) Camera
      Mobile has stopped use of Camera.
      Now everyone can take unlimited photos without need of Camera Rolls.

14) Calendar
       Apps like Kalnirnay etc. is available on Mobile
       One does not need hard calendars

15) MSEB Electricity bill
      One does not need to go to MSEB Office. One can pay bill directly through MSEB App

16) Booking Cars
      Apps like Ola makes us possible to book cars anywhere in any cities if we are on tour

17) Hotel bookings
       Apps like Ibibo or Oya makes us possible to find hotels anywhere in any city very easily.

18) Music Player
      Music players or Video Players, CDs, DVDs etc. are not required nowadays.
      Some phones of Sony gives the best music. And almost all mobiles have music player app in it.

19) Radio Mirchi
      The radio sets are nowadays an antique piece.
       All Radio mirchi songs, news etc. available on Mobile's Radio

20) Navigator
       Navigator instruments not required now.
       During Puja it is very necessary to know the south directions & other directions. Some advanced mobiles have navigation facilities. Similarly those in sea also need this. As mobile has this technology, now hard navigators not required.

21) Maps
      Now you go to any city. No need to carry a Map.
      Google maps makes it easy to know where you are and your surrounding map.
      It also shows you fastest route. Travelling is a lot easier with Google maps.

22) Newspaper
      No need of newspaper nowadays.
      In Google search news option is seperately given. Also many apps for news nowadays available.

And a lot lot more.....
There is no limit.
The whole world is slowly shrinking into mobile.
In latest, video calling & E-money has also started.


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