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How to open Microsoft one note in Office 2015?

Like other offices the start button has no Program tab
Hence no Microsoft programs are visible
This makes it difficult to open Microsoft one note in 2015

Greatest advantage of Microsoft one note is the selected print screen derived by "Windows+S" button. Here in new Laptop if same is not opened this advantage is not derived

So go to Find icon at right top corner of screen.
Type One note.exe
When file comes, click on open
One note will get open
If shortcut key " Windows S " does not work for 2015 then keep Microsoft one note open, click on insert, then Screen Clipping, you will be able to take desired selected screen Clipping.

Keep only 2 programs open , initially, to avoid confusion, one should be one note and other should be that picture or print screen or program like excel or word from which you desire to take screen Clipping. After expertise achieved, you can keep many programs open at same time.

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