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How to open a ppsx file in pptx? Microsoft Power Point tip

Program - Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Detach or download Ppsx file on DESKTOP
  2. Now go to Start
  3. Then to Programs
  4. Then to Microsoft office
  5. Then to Microsoft PowerPoint
  6. Click in Open (Next to New tab)
  7. When Open Browser will come, pick the desktop location (either in left side of dialog box or even at top)
  8. On DESKTOP, select the downloaded Ppsx file.
  9. After selecting, click on Open (I.e. press ENTER button)
  10. Now the ppsx file will open in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  11. You can now make changes in slide because now this file will get opened as a PowerPoint file(pptx) rather than a PowerPoint show(ppsx)
  12. You can also go to SAVE AS and save the file on DESKTOP as pptx file.
  13. This way all ppsx file can be opened as pptx file ie all slideshows can be opened as Microsoft PowerPoint files.

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