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How will we know if Google has transferred funds into my account?

I have given SWIFT BIC Code, But I am not getting funds transferred from Google into my account.
I can see 120$ as 120$. If Google will transfer, the balance will be 20$ and then I can communicate with my bank, if any hurdle. But the 120$ is not getting changed inspite of putting SWIFT BIC Code. Why is this happening? When will I get that payment? What will I have to do? Should I fill some special details? Means am i supposed to fill some special details to get this payment?

Few points related to Google adsense payment

1) Google has stopped cheque payment. Now it has started wire transfer.
2) Once you cross 100$, the payment gets automatically transferred to your bank account
3) If you get 100$ in 3 months then in 4th month you will not get the payment.
4) This is because Google payment cycle starts at 21st of every month.
5) So if your income reaches 100$ at end of 3 months then in 4th month on 21st the payment cycle will start and Google will transfer amount next month.
6) So if your 29th Feb income has crossed 100$ then same will be visible in March. Then March payment will be processed by 21st of March. And payment will be received by end of April.

Google sends an email saying it has transferred amount in your bank. Within 5 working days the same gets transferred into your bank account. In HDFC, it got transferred on 3rd day only without any hassle or query. So now 2 banks are good at Wire transfer payments as per my knowledge. One is SBI & 2nd is now HDFC. 

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