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Quote (Adjective)

  1. Adjective makes a sentence rich
  2. Just as ornaments adorn a newly wed bride, mango flowers adorn a Mango tree, that way adjectives adorn a sentence.
  3. Adjectives brings life into a lifeless sentence.

Other related quotes
  1. A Paath is created by collection of 3 words each per a sentence. Highest attractions resides in 3 word readings. Later exhaustion and detachments starts. Understanding this mind working, one should always realise Short is Sweet. Hence speak less and short. And even if required to write long then write in form of short sentences to preserve the sweetness of readings. 
  2. The sweetest and most attractive Prakrit stotras made by Brahmins is a collection of sentences, each with 3 words only per sentence. Eg. Vyankatesh Stotra, Krsnaashtakam etc.
  3. Short is sweet.
  4. Less has more value.
  5. More gets less value.
  6. Speak less, speak sweet and speak in a low tone.

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