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Quote (Lust)

Na lajja
Na Bhayam

Na Buddhi
Na Drishti

English Translation

A person in lust
Has No Shame
Has No Fear

A person in lust
Has No Brains
Has No Sight (Is Blind)

Source - Subhashita

Our ancestors have advised through this Subhashita, the nature or trait of a person in lust. Just as crocodile is treacherous, tigers attack from back that way they are trying to warn us by making us aware about the behaviour and reactions likely from a lusty person.

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Gita quote

In Bhagvadgita Lord Krishna says

Constantly thinking about sensual enjoyments leads to production of a factor called Likeness. Likeness gives birth to Attachment. Attachment gives rise to Desire. And when Desire is obstructed, Anger is produced. And when Anger is produced, command giving section of the brain is corrupted. And when command giving section of the brain is corrupted, everything is destroyed.

So O Arjuna, first kill the very sinful lust by the sword of knowledge. ( Knowledge about how mind works, how intelligence works, how anger can be controlled etc.)

If you detach senses from sensual enjoyments, there will be no Likeness and hence no desire and hence no anger. Either restrain your mind or divert your likeness towards God.

Lust, Greed and Anger are gates of Hell.
(A person falling victim to this virtue loses right to enter heaven and comes under rightful authority of Hell)

Be a Master of the senses and sensual enjoyments, not a slave to them.

Nature is superior but superior to Nature are senses, superior to senses is Mind, superior to mind is intelligence and superior to intelligence is Soul.

So control the mind with the help of intelligence.

Mind falls a victim to Desire and Hatred. But intelligence being superior can control mind.

Mind is strongest sense. Many times it dominates intelligence and forces a soul to do sinful actions. But intelligence can be strengthened by knowledge (tools or knowledge to control mind, intelligence and senses) And a strong intelligence can fool the mind, control the mind and even take the mind for a ride.

So what is this knowledge?

Mind is like a lake or a sea. A river of vision flows through eyes into this sea. Similarly a river of vibrations flows through ears into the sea called mind. River of touch, taste and smell also enters this sea. From here arises Likeness and then desire. Desire can force weaker minds to do sins.

How to control the mind?

Fasting helps control the mind

Meditation or Dhyanyoga also helps control the mind.

Chanting or Bhaktiyoga helps control the mind

Scriptural or knowledge about deities helps control the mind (Gyanyoga)

Perseverance in Karma or Karmayoga (Work is Worship) also detaches mind from the matrix where mind can dominate intelligence.

Other quotes

Mind is the best friend of ours if it is controlled. Mind is the worst enemy of ours, if it is uncontrolled. So Arya, control your mind.

Those civilisation are considered drowned civilisations where sensual enjoyments are given more importance. And  those civilisations (Arya civilization) are considered advanced where knowledge about mind, intelligence, soul etc is given and how to control them is imparted. The former creates weak humans driven by instincts and the latter creates strong humans driven by logic.

World is governed by free will. Desire power is the circuit of Destiny non which the power called Life moves.

When a soul desires repentance, misery comes to that soul either on earth or in hell in the afterlife.

Pain purifies.

As we all are elements of Nature, in order to achieve equilibrium or peace, we desire pain.  Neither can heavens interfere because unless and until we surpass pain, we will not achieve peace. And if there is no peace, how can there be Happiness?

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