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What is age of a Tiger? Vegetarian Tiger vs Non Vegetarian Tiger

A young tiger sits while the monks eat breakfast at the Tiger Temple

PHOTO SOURCE - By Mark Fischer [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Based on 2012 study by National Geographic
A Veg tiger lives half the age of Non Veg tigers.
But I firmly believe, half the age of peace is better than twice the age of violence, cruelty and struggle.
O! What a Pity! What a Guilt!! A living being has to eat another living being!! Just to fill its stomach!! Better to die hungry and better to fast, is my opinion.
The Buddhist monks are really doing a very good job. Hats off to them!

Age of a Vegetarian Tiger living with humans
4 to 8 years

Age of a Non Vegetarian Tiger living in Fores
10 to 15 years

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