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What is Devnagiri Lipi?

Just as A, B, C, D etc. are letters of English alphabet 
that way Devnagiri is a script for several languages.
  1. Hindi
  2. Marathi
  3. Nepali
  4. Pali
  5. Konkani
  6. Bodo
  7. Maithili
  8. Sindhi
  9. Sanskrit

All this languages have Devnagiri lipi or script. 
Now what does it mean? It means if someone gives you a Marathi or Nepali paper to read then you will be able to read it even if you know only Hindi language. 
Because letters of Hindi language are Devnagiri lipi. 
That way Marathi, Sanskrit etc. all have same lipi.

That means if you know Hindi then while filling form somewhere 
when language section comes 
you can write

Read - 9 languages
Speak - 1 language

Devnagiri script enables you to read all above listed 9 languages. 
That way an person knowing Sindhi or Nepali can also read Hindi 
even if he may not understand it.

It is believed previously Punjabi and Gujarati also had Devnagiri lipi but later it was changed.
Maratha History also mentions about a scholar pleading the Peshwa to introduce a different script but he was laughed upon as they thought he is unnecessarily trying to overburden education. Thanx God!

We should thank him for that wise decision all else we might had been overburdened to learn few more letters and consonants ie a new script in our childhood.

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