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What work can "OK Google" (Siri of Android) do in Mobile or PC?

"OK Google" is similar to Siri of Apple
It is like a personal assitant which is voice controlled.
You are not required to type.
Once you say 'OK Google' the computer or mobile through the microphone receives your voice command & processes accordingly.

How to activate OK Google on Mobile or Computer?
Click below link
Google Support

What works can "OK Google" do based on voice?

  1. Find a movie: "What movies are playing tonight?" or "Where's Hunger Games playing?"
  2. Find nearby places: "Where's the closest coffee shop?"
  3. Find the time: "What time is it in London?"
  4. Answer trivia questions: "Where was Albert Einstein born?" or "How old is Beyonce?"
  5. Calculate the tip: "What's the tip for 412 dollars?"
  6. Translate words or phrases: "How do you say cucumber in Spanish?"
  7. Define a word: "What does gluttony mean?"
  8. Convert between units: "What's 16 ounces in pounds?"
  9. Solve a math problem: "What's the square root of 2219?"
  10. Book a table: "Book a table for 5 at Cascal on Wednesday night."

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