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4G Jio Sim offer (All voice calls free)

4G Jio Sim offer ( 4G Gio Sim offer)

1) Jio Digital - ALL free upto 31st Dec, 16

2) No roaming charges for all India. Only data packets will be chargeable

3) ALL VOICE CALLS FREE on all Networks in India. That means,  pay for dinner and get water free. That way pay only for data and get voice calls free!! Gone are those days when you had to pay for voice calls. However, some experts say that this calls cannot be termed as free because Reliance uses data streaming for voice calls and we have to pay for data. But whatever,  data of Reliance is very cheap. Hence we should not mind saying,  that voice calls are FREE!

4) On festivals, same SMS rates! So you can, again send, as much Sms, as you want.

5) For students, 25 percent more data!

For clarification call
Let's Up Helpline Number of Reliance
Give a missed call at

On giving a missed call
at this number
You will receive a call

When you lift call
A computerized machine tells you to select your city by pressing a number.
When you select a number, then phone disconnects and you are sent a Sms with a NUMBER which is a mobile number.

You have to add this Mobile number in your phone book.
You will start getting updates about Gio card.

It was Henry Ford, who is responsible that nearly every American has a car. It was his dream.

No doubt in saying, they are the Ambanis, due to which, even a tea man and a peon can afford to have 2 and 3 mobiles today. Otherwise, there were days, when a call costed you ₹8 and ₹2. Later, when Ambanis entered market, price per call were as low as 30 cents. The credit of the speedy  mobile revolution in India undoubtedly goes to Ambanis. 

Now they are coming up with Digital Revolution to change the look of India! Hats off to the great Ambanis :-)


Anonymous said...

Reliance uses data streaming for voice calls and we pay for data, so it looks like free but is not free

Only advantage can be if data charge is cheaper than phone call charge, then we can prefer to do voice calls on Jio

Anonymous said...

4GB data in ₹400, it's very cheap and also 4GB is too much, u can make lots of calls, it's definitely cheaper than present mobile phone charges