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9 Amusing Corporate quotes

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Photo Source - By Kinda Funny ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

  1. Organisation is a body and Profit is the soul. A body dies without soul, so an organisation without profit.
  2. Laptop is my Bow and emails are my Arrows. Arrows annihilate enemies. Mails annihilate ignorance, ambiguities and unclarity.
  3. Employees are the Trees and Audits are the Cyclones. As a cyclone uproots trees having less grip on ground so does an audit uproot employees having less grip on work.
  4. Mobile is my Revolver and Sms are my bullets.
  5. God created Work and gave them the command "Finish me". Since then work is coming and coming and coming and I am finishing and finishing and finishing them. And the war goes on.....
  6. Workflow is like a River flow. If flow is fast and one does not keep up with the flow, then that person gets drowned. It is the unforgiving nature of Work.
  7. Thought is the seed, Roots are the plans. Roots are within soil so plans are within mind. Trunk, branches and leaves are the Karmas and Fruits and Flowers is the Final Achievement.
  8. A smooth road is like a comfortable work environment. A rough road is like an uncomfortable work environment. Whatever be the road, a person needs to keep going. If he stops, he is left behind and the world goes ahead of him.
  9. Coal under high pressure becomes diamond. Work under high pressure converts a coal like person into diamond. Means work increases value of that person.

Other quotes
Agrani - A person telling you work - is Agrani form of Lord Vishnu.
                      - Vishnu Sahasranamam

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