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Fast facts about Dengue mosquito


AEDES mosquito : Fast facts

The average lifespan of an Aedes mosquito is 2 weeks.

The mosquito can lay eggs about 3 times in its lifetime, and about 100 eggs are produced each time.

The eggs can withstand very dry conditions (desiccation) and remain viable for many months in absence of water

Repopulation will occur as soon as eggs in the container gets flooded with water

Adult mosquitoes prefer to rest indoors in dark areas eg.
1) Closets
2) Under beds
3) Behind Curtains

They have limited flight range.
They can fly an average of 400 mtrs looking for water-filled containers so that they can lay their eggs. This means they are the people not the mosquitoes who rapidly move the virus within and also between communities and places.

A few mosquitoes per household can produce large dengue outbreaks.

The dengue mosquito does not lay eggs in
1) ditches,
2) drainages,
3) canals,
4) wetlands,
5) rivers or
6) lakes

The mosquito life cycle, from
1) Egg to
2) Larvae to
3) Pupae to
4) Adult mosquito
Takes 8 days and occurs in water.

Human develops disease after 5-6 days of being bitten by an infective mosquito.

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