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Ganesh Photo - Year 2016

Om Shri Ganeshaaya Namah :-)


Images found in 
1) India
2) SriLanka &
3) Nepal

Worshipped by
1) Hindus
2) Also Jains worship
3) Buddhists also worship Him

Known as
1) Remover of Obstacles
2) Is honoured at start of rituals & ceremonies so that there is no obstacle

Any facts which proves Him a Truth & not a Myth

The Hindu Milk Miracle

This articles states that this Deity showed His All Presence 
throughout the world. 

Such All Presence ability is very rare & 
found only in Creator, Preserver-Lord Vishnu & Destroyer-Lord Shiva. 

One such miracle happened in 1995 
which was later repeated twice. 

Even the most popular newspaper of England & America 
captured this - as this was a worldwide miracle. 

To suppress mass hysteria 
Government came up with a scientific reason 
that all of a sudden capillary action 
got activated in stones & Ganesh Statues. 

Hence statues dranked milk. 

Next day when the statues 
did not dranked any milk throughout the world, 
the scientists totally baffled 
came up with a theory 
that the statues are wet now 
hence more milk cannot be absorbed by those statues. 

Today or years after, 
any attempts for the statue to drink milk 
is not succeeding. 

Scientists are silent over this 
as there is a risk to their credibility. 

However it is very easy for any person 
with common sense to understand 
what the TRUTH was!


This event also depicts 
how strong the MAYA or ILLUSION power of Lord Vishnu is. 

Inspite of seeing the Truth, 
the whole world got illusioned & 
their focus got diverted 
from such a PURE TRUTH. 

Even People like Dynamo are saying that 
Magic is True & 
that poor creature shows such magics 
which defies the scientist's theories 
but still the brain washed victims of Modern University - 
the so called rational society 
is not getting awakened! 

A brainwashed victim 
has the tendency of clinging to the theory 
which they have been taught in their childhood, 
which they have recited upto late nights 
i.e. biology, physics etc. 

So it is a shocking experience for them 
to absorb the OUT OF BOX truths. 

Any body repels work & 
clings laziness. 

Brainwashed victims same way 
clings to Deep Accepted brainwashed theories 
& repels & shouts back loudly, 
if any fact repels their beliefs. 
This is Pyschology.

When a person shouts, 
his or her intelligence is weakened. 

Hence realising this , 
always be a free thinker. 

Always cling to the poetic verse
"Give Every Man Thy Ear,
But Reserve the Judgement"

This is the most correct way to search for Truth.


References of Milk miracle given in this Link below.

There is a wrong theory 
prevailing in modern rational society. 

They say we are physical body 
made up of genes. 

And emotions etc. are due to hormones. 

Whereas true theory as depicted by Vedas and our ancestors 
is that we are spirits 
residing in human body 
& after death 
we will occupy a new body. 

Better to stick to the latter truth 
& lead a righteous life & 
save ourselves from hell. 

Rational society is not enlightened. 
And if religious people follow them, 
they may get doomed.

A Fact which proves the Vedic theory 
that we are spirits 
is True.


This link proves 
how an enlightened soul 
like IAN STEVENSON - A professor in USA 
found out 2500 reincarnation cases 
in various continents. 

He found out the similarities 
in these cases. 

Any person with common sense 
will realise that such similarities 
in various parts of countries 
cannot be a CO-INCIDENCE or plotted & unified fraud. 

This is becoming possible of us to know 
only because of Internet & Wikipedia. 

Or we could had been a victim of Ignorance & 
wrong theories 
which ruled a large part of our societies for centuries.

There are thousands of records on Wikipedia 
for Haunted houses . 

Only USA has recorded 
1000+ cases of haunted houses. 

What about the non-recorded ones! 

This again proves that 
Vedic theory which states that 
we are spirit is TRUE. 

And modern university theory claiming us 
that we are mere physical bodies 
is a total misguidance & nothing else. 

So many records of haunted houses 
in so many parts of world 
cannot be ignored. 

This makes us realise 
what the TRUTH is. 

Check for yourself the below link

So moral is 
do not focus on sensual enjoyments more. 

This is what even pigs do get says Vedas. 
This is Human life. 

Take out time for Penance, Meditation, mantra chanting, fasts, 
Good & pious acts, visiting places of pilgrimage & 
benefit yourself & your ancestors. 

This is what an Arya should do - says the Vedas.

There are many other examples on Wikipedia like 
Star Gate Project, Nina Kulagina, Natasha Demnika, 

Prahlad Patel, Dynamo, Kris Angel, 
David Blaine, David Copperfield, NDEs, 

Aparition, Conjuring,Mysteries, 
Pamela Reynolds, ShantiDevi, Ian Stevenson, 

Uri Geller- The Spoon Bender, Kiran Mohan- The Electric Man of Bangalore, 
Shows like Stanley Superhumans, Ripley's Believe it or not 
& what not! 

Now is the internet age, 
the time of real awakening. 

So don't waste time. 

Search for truth by reasoning & 
cling to that lifestyle 
which is best 
in your interest. 

Once again, be a free thinker - 
Always say - 
I will give every man thy ear, 
but will always reserve the judgement. 

Becoming a brainwashed victim of modern universities & 
getting carried away by such beliefs & theories 
is a waste of the human life , 
we have attained.

Have A Good Day Ahead & 
if enlightened, 
spread the light.

Best Regards,


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