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Lord Ganesh Family Cycle

Creator Lord Brahma created beautiful creations like heavenly gods. His mind was in Satvik belt. Later he got bored due to exhaustion and continuous creations. Due to this His mind state got a touch of Tamsi belt. So His creations that He made were different. This He called as Demons and Ghosts. He was not happy with this creations. Hence He created Lord Shankar - The Destroyer. Lord Shankar is the form of Birth less and Eternal Shiva, just like Lord Ganesh is Avtaar(form) of Lord MahaGanesha and Lord Vishnu a form of Shri Man Narayan.

Parents of Lord Ganesha
Father - Lord Shankar
Mother - Goddess Parvati
Brother - Kartikeya
Sister - Ashok Sundari

Wife - Riddhi and Siddhi
Sons - Shubh and Laabh
Daughter in law's - Pushti and Tushti
Grand sons - Anand and Pramod
As per some beliefs Goddess Santoshi is also daughter of Lord Ganesha.

Nearly all Gods are inactive or not responding publicly. Narsinh Mehta saw Lord Shiva but alone in a forest. Prahlad Patel who is in captivity of Indian army presently saw Goddess at age of 14 who manifested only before him and he took the boon of never getting hungry or thirsty. But Lord Ganesh is only deity who manifested on Public platform. His statues dranked milk in 1995 all over the world. Scientists were baffled and concluded it as capillary action. However all are silent why capillary action worked on that day and is not working today.

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