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Message - Do not post pictures of army movement on whats app

Source - Whats app
Verification - It is true. If one posts army movements pics the same may reach our enemies through sleeper cells. Sleeper cells are the network of so called Indian citizens (real or fake/infiltrated) that get paid for passing on information or adhering commandments given to them on phone. They get heavily paid for same. However they are unaware of the whereabouts or any type of inform about the one who commands them. Hence even if such sleeper cells get caught by police, no useful information is retrieved from them as they themselves do not know anything.
Refer link about sleeper cells

Message is as below:-

Dear all !! 

Pls don't post the pics of tanks or any military movements 
in the social media !! 

Our neighbours should not know theese !!

1 comment:

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