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Name of the White Tobacco Powder

Brand -
Vahan Chhap

Company -
M/s Kantilal RayChandDas Company

Address -
Station Rd., Vanghlaj, Mehsana


Anonymous said...

I have heard that Indian old people put this in nose as this is the best option on face paralysis or to avoid the same. God knows how true. But chilly helps in face paralysis as per Google. So I think as per that logic this must also be helping.

Besides dried dates are also full heat. This is the same type of heat that repels the coldness achieved in half face due to which face figure drops into paralytic form. Hence dried dates also helps in recovery as per my experience. But this is given nowhere on Google.

Believe it or not, Tobacco can also act as medicine. Those drivers who have to drive at night are not fools to take tobacco. Only those doctors who are addicted to tobacco can give sincere views about tobacco. Rest are just seeing cancer cases & whining over the good & medicinal effects of tobacco. In indian villages even on wounds some people apply tobacco to burn the wound and they get well. However I do not support this. But if drugs available in medicine shop are drugs but doctor still use it to eradicate fever then why partiality with tobacco. If some could be benefitted then views should come impartially.

Anonymous said...

Vicks Inhaler is better option

Anonymous said...

The best option is Papaya. Papaya is a hot fruit. As limestone has hidden heat in it which gets revealed on putting it in water, that way papaya is a hot fruit and best medicine over nervous disorders. There is nothing which can compare papaya. If you have paralysis or face paralysis, go for papaya. Yes, excess eating may be Risky but eating 2-3 slices a day can be the best remedy over face paralysis cases, I had experimented and found to be good. Even some neurologists suggest for eating papaya for recovering against paralysis, at the condition they do not have diabetes