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Quote about Karma and God

Decorated Ceiling at Port venkateswara Temple

Photo Source - By Adityamadhav83 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In SrimadBhagvat, 
Lord Krishna says

"Karma is the real God. 
 There is no other real God than Karma. 
 Because even if you think that there can be a God other than Karma (humanlike figure or figureless)  then how is He going to punish or reward you? 
 Of course, based on your Karma. 
 Hence believe Karma as the true God."

Other similar quotes
  1. Karma is the grip on the understanding of the God concept prevalent in humanity.
  2. What invites God's wrath on you?.....Of course your karmas.
  3. What invites God's bliss on you? ...It is again your good and praiseworthy karmas.

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