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Reliance Jio Bumper sale - call and 4G free

Source - Whats app
Verification - Not verified but it is true that Reliance Jio is offering free things till December end. They are the only one having tradition of giving free calls to entire India. They gave free calls for months during CDMA launch

Message is as below

*रिलायन्स जिओ  की बंपर सेल 31 दिसंबर तक इंटरनेट व कॉल फ्री* 

                                                                   1 यहाँ से आर्डर करे      
Order from here                                                  

1. *जिओ साईट से सिम खरीदो* 
1. Purchase Sim from Jio site.

2. *अपना नाम और पता डाले* 
2. Put your name and address

3. *अपना आधार कार्ड  तैयार रखिये*
3. Keep your Aadhar card ready.

4. *सिम मिलने के 1 दिन में सिम चालू कर दिया जायेगा*
4. Sim will be activated within one day after you receive sim

5. *अनलिमिटेड 4 जी इन्टरनेट*
5. Unlimited 4G Internet

*नोट:- सिम सिर्फ आधार कार्ड से ही चालू होगी*
Note :- Sim will be activated only by Aadhar card

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