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Surgical strike by India near LOC

Message is as below :-
Flash news##
India military carries out surgical strikes near LOC ...
Other news sources
Spots where surgical strike carried out
1) Kel
2) Bhimbar
3) Hotspring
Duration - 90 minutes
Launching pads destroyed - 6
Terrorists estimated to be killed - 30 to 35
Casualties on Indian side - Zero

What is a Surgical Strike?
surgical strike is a military attack 
which results in, 
OR was intended to result in, 
or is claimed to have resulted in 
only damage to the intended legitimate military target
and no or minimal collateral damage to surrounding structures, vehicles, buildings, or the general public infrastructure and utilities.

Types of Surgical Strike
1) Air Strike
2) Air dropping special ops team
3) Swift Ground Operation
4) Sending Special troops

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