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16 steps of Shodshopchar Puja

How to worship Deity by Shodshopchar Vidhi?

Pooja materials for Hindu rituals

Photo Source - By Charles Haynes from Hobart, Australia (Pooja materials) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1) Aavahan
To call the Deity

2) Aasan
To give a seat to sit

3) Padhya
To give water to wash feets

4) Ardhya
To give water to wash hands

5) Aachman
To give water on palm for drinking

6) Snaan
To Bath

7) Vastra
To give clothes to wear

8) Upvit
To give Jaanve

9) Gandh
To apply Gandh or Chandan on forehead

10) Pushpa
To give flowers

11) Dhoop
To burn Dhoop

12) Deep
To burn oil Wicks or oil candle

13) Naivadhya
To give food (Prasada)

14) Pradakshina
To circumbulate (walk in a circle around your deity may be 1,2,3 or more times)

15) Namaskar
To bow down with respect and a feeling of total surrender

16) Visarjan

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