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3 types of Taaps or heats in life

The 3 types of Taaps or psychic heats or grudge impacts are given below

1) Adhibhautik Taap
Taap arising in life just because we acted or are acting under influence of
i) Greed
ii) Attachment
iii) Lust
iv) Anger
And other such selfish behaviours

2) Adhidaivik Taap
Hating or avoiding
1) Deities or Gods
2) Pitars (Ancestors)
Not following Kuldharm (duty towards family cycle)
Not following Traditions
And acting freely and sinfully ignoring them
Not to do service to them
Such behavior invites their grudge and the resultant psychic heat or uncomfort is called Adhidaivik Taap

3) Adhyatmik Taap
Not getting proper guidance.
Hence trying to act cunning ignoring the Action-Reaction law of Karma
And finally reaching a state of great repentance

It is believed that the most severe flame is of repentance as it directly burns or hits the soul resulting to lack of peace of mind.

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