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What is Fuel Surcharge reversal on Debit card?

Source - Sms from AM-HDFCBK
Verification -  Is true but only at selected petrol pumps only.

Message is as below :-

Change in Fuel surcharge reversal applicable on your Debit Card!

From 1st
Nov16 max. reversal per card is Rs.250* per month on min. fuel purchase of


1) What is fuel surcharge and why is it levied?
When you buy petrol on credit card, the banks charges 2 to 3 percent usage charge to petrol pump dealers. The petrol pump dealers think why should they bear this loss. So they apply surcharge on all petrol purchases done on card. Now bank is telling about reversing this waiver to us if we buy petrol above ₹400 at selected stations of selected companies.

Refer link for example

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