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Is Millions of Atm cards information breached?

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If you are getting below Sms from your bank since a month, then do not ignore it, change your ATM pin at once.

"Dear Customer, due to security reasons, we request you to change your Debit Card PIN immediately at the nearest xxxx Bank ATM, through iMobile or through Net Banking. For details, please call Customer Care"

As usual customer care is irritative as it does not respond. So do not take it as a routine message and change ATM pin at once.

What has happened?

Hitachi payment services is a company that manages ATMs of all banks
It is said that a malware was introduced in their systems.

What is a Malware? 
Malware is a hostile or intrusive software.
Examples are
  1. computer software
  2. Worms
  3. Trojan horses
  4. Ransomware
  5. Spyware
  6. Adware
  7. Shareware and other such 
  8. Malicious programs.

Misuse of malware - Eg.1 If someone inserts a malware in your PC then they can use your Laptop cam and see you and you will not even know that.

Misuse of malware - Eg. 2 A person resigned from first company and entered other company. Before resigning he introduced lot of malwares in system. So after entering new company, he got pin point information about all new orders of old company. Consequently he benefitted by giving competitive rates and old company was puzzled what the hell was happening.

It is believed this malware has copied all Atm card data from ATMs including ATM pins. As per Huffington post article link given debit cards have been used in China.

When did this breach occurred? 
It is said it occurred a month ago. And has affected 3.2 million means 32 lac cards.

What is the status now? 
Malware is detected and corrective measures are taken. So now there is no danger. But for data already copied everyone is advised by banks to change ATM pin.
SBI has gone a step ahead. It has blocked  6.25 lac cards and issued new cards. So entire card number gets changed.
HDFC is confident that it's ATMs are safe and has requested it's account holders to use HDFC ATMs only.

Which banks are worst hit? 

ATM cards with below platforms have been compromised
  1. Master card
  2. Visa
  3. Rupay

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