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What are the Symptoms of Hyper Thyroidism?

Reference - Wikipedia link

NOTE : - Please refer doctor for Thyroid problems. This is just a short note extracted from Wikipedia for Reference.

Can Thyroid problem cause Increased appetite, Tremor, anxiety, nervousness & Diarrhoea?

Hyperthyroidism often causes a variety of non-specific symptoms including 

  1. Weight loss, 
  2. Increased appetite, 
  3. Insomnia, 
  4. Decreased tolerance of heat, 
  5. Tremor, 
  6. palpitations
  7. Anxiety and 
  8. Nervousness. 

In some cases it can cause 

  1. chest pain
  2. diarrhoea
  3. Hair loss and 
  4. Muscle weakness. 

Such symptoms may be managed temporarily with drugs such as beta blockers.

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