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17 Precious Vaastu tips

Precious Vaastu tips 

Vaastu Purusha Frontal

Photo Source - By Verena Rapp de Eston (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  1. Listen to Bhajans in morning
  2. Never keep broom in standing position at home.
  3. Never touch your feet to the broom.
  4. Never jump or walk over a broom as this things reduces prosperity in house.
  5. Always hide broom.
  6. Never eat on bed, this harms wealth. Goddess Laxmi goes out of house. Unpeace enters house.
  7. First Bread prepared in house should be given to Cow. This pleases Gods and Ancestors also get peace.
  8. Shoes & Slippers should be placed properly. If shoes & slippers are kept scattered or improperly then unpeace is produced in house.
  9. Ideal time for worshipping Gods is between 6 am to 8 am. And sitting Asana should be of Jute or Kush. And it should be placed in a way that when we sit on it, our face should be in East or North. 
  10. Always keep a Kalash(Steel pot) filled with water in House temple/Worshipping place. If possible keep this pot in Ishaan direction.
  11. Symbols or Representatives of Pious things like Aarti, Deepa, Fire of Puja should not be blown out by mouth air.
  12. Ingredients of Worshipping like Dhoop, Incense stick & Havan Kund items should be placed in house temple in South east means Aagney direction. 
  13. The main door of House should have a SWASTIKA on right side.
  14. Never let cobwebs cover your house. Otherwise Fate & Karma could get webs & you may face entanglement & hurdles in your daily life.
  15. At lease once a week, wipe your house with Ocean water or Sendha Salt. This will dispel all negative energies.
  16. If possible keep your house temple or worshipping place in such a way that morning rays of Sun reaches there.
  17. If there is any God statue in house temple or worshipping place at home, then definitely worship the statue on daily basis - make such arrangement.

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