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Shocking news - 500,1000 currency notes terminated from today night ie 8 nov 16

Source - ABP News

Initiative by - Modi Govt
500, 1000 currency notes terminated
From - 8th Nov 16

ATMs not working for
9th and 10th Nov

New currency
2000,4000 will be implemented

In between 10nov16 to 30dec16
Notes will be exchanged in bank
And in post office

Upto 31mar17
Notes will be exchanged

Believed to be a big blow on
Black money

Upto 11nov16
500,1000 notes will be exchanged in
Petrol pumps

Upto 24th nov16
Notes will be exchanged only upto ₹4000
After 24th Nov you may get more amounts per day

What a inconvenience!!!

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