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Can a person become handicapped due to Diabetes?

Main symptoms of diabetes

Photo Source - By Mikael Häggström (See above. All used images are in public domain.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, this can happen.

In diabetes the sugar levels in blood increases. Walls of veins becomes thinner due to more sugar in blood. Veins are the thinnest in heart and near brain. If cholesterol and plaque is in high quota in your blood and if you get high BP then imagine a water pipe in which water is flowing with full force and you block that flow. Obviously pipe can tear or get cracks. 

Same way high BP gives high force to blood flow, cholesterol blocks this flow near heart or brain, high blood sugar makes walls of veins thin. This gives ideal condition for a vein to get torned. Blood coming out of vein gets collected outside and develops blood clot. When such blood clot gets formed in brain, the soft brain finds difficulty. Brain controls hands and legs through nervous system. The clot gets below difficulties
1) Numbness or
2) Half body paralysis or
3) Full body paralysis or
4) Coma
5) Death
The half body paralysis is as equal as handicappedness.

So better to control sugar. Do good exercise. Very few diabetic people know this truth. Spread the awareness. Most diabetic person are healthy in looks so we feel it difficult to believe that this dreadful results can happen. But if a person ignores and keeps on eating sugary food in excess inspite of having diabetes then this dreadful results pop up some day shocking everyone.

Finally moral is prevention is better than cure and A stitch in time saves nine. Do proper exercise, walking is sufficient. And control eating of sugary foods if you are diabetic.

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