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Dagdi Pala Photo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this is the photo for Dagdi Paala, but one of my friends got wounded badly. At night, I told him we will go to the doctor in morning. However he brought the juice of Dagdi Pala which is a weed growing anywhere near house, especially in monsoon. Now when you put juice that means water. When you put water on wound, the wound shout rot. But strangely the wound was near to invisible the next day. It got cured!!

If he could had gone to doctor, it could had taken 10-20 days to cure totally. Its not about money but the damn time that is wasted. We lose our office attendance.

Some herbs are marvellous. Our ancestors especially the Kshatriyas used to fight very often. They used to get wounded and then in few days again went for war. Just imagine, how this is possible. Just because Ayurvedic people of past were aware of such medicines that can cure wounds in hours & days. That way Babool fruit is beneficial for knee pain. No need for surgery said a message. If Mr. Modi could establish a comitee who can do R& D on this hidden pages of Ayurveda & give it to Modern science, the people of India will be benefitted. Otherwise, now if we get a wound, we do not recover till months & sometimes lifetime, we get its impact & pain. So there is an acute need to discover such medicines & herbs. Everything is here. Just as a scientist discovered Chloroform by testing on self, that way we need instututions who test all such herbs & weeds & its impact on various diseases on humans. The most valuable & useful medicines are hidden in our nearby herbs.